Display based on Act on Specified Commercial Transactions

Article 1 Service provider

The name or name of an administrative scrivener conducting visa application processing in this service is stated on the visa application request order page. For each e-mail containing the office location of each administrative scrivener, telephone number, person in charge of business related to mail order and other legal description items will be provided upon request, so if you need it, please read the book in paragraph 2 Please contact the service provider inquiries.

Article 2 The service provider

Kuromatu building F6 Sakuragaoka 14-6 Shibuya-ku Tokyo
one visa, Inc.
Representative Director: Okamura Albert

Tel: 03-4405-4987
Mail: info@onevisa.jp

Article 3 Consideration for service

  1. Visa application service agency service

    Visa application fee to be displayed on the ordering service request page

  2. Services other than 1.

    The fee to be displayed in the "charge plan" in the service page

Article 4 Expenses required other than consideration


However, it is necessary for the customer to separately prepare expenses related to Internet connection fee and other telecommunication line communication (the amount is determined by each business entity contracted by the customer).

Article 5 Timing of payment of price

The last day of the month following the service usage month

Article 6 Payment method

Credit settlement, Invoice payment

Article 7 Time to deliver goods or service

We offer services to manage customers' visa issuance status. Therefore, the timing of providing the service from the Company to the customer will be from the time the customer's member registration is completed until the member registration is canceled.

Article 8 Special provision concerning return / cancellation:

  1. Visa application service agency service

    We do not accept cancellation after requesting visa application request agent.

  2. Services other than 1.

    We cannot cancel the services our company provides on this website due to the nature of the service.

Article 9 Recommended operating environment

  • Windows 10
    • Google Chrome latest version
    • Edge latest version
    • Firefox latest version
  • macOS Mojave 10.14
    • Google Chrome latest version
    • Safari latest version
    • Firefox latest version
  • iOS 12 (iPhone)
    • Safari latest version

If there is a difference between the English translation and the terms of the Japanese the Japanese convention is prioritized.

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